Thursday, July 7, 2011

Decorating with a Low Coffee Table

I love the wonderful clean lines of modern furniture and the simple elegance of a low coffee table can instantly create a calm environment for any living room. Placed centrally, it invites us to toss aside the demands of the day and it is a perfect purchase to begin to reshape an outdated living room into a modern showcase.

We are all longing to do away with clutter in our homes and modern decor urges us to follow this dictate. A beautiful modern coffee table needs very little added to it. A collection of mini glass vases, placed artfully atop the table, is all that is needed to gently soften the lines of a modern coffee table. In fact glass vases of any kind are a perfect companion to the angular lines of this type of decor.

Continue the minimalist approach and rid your living room of extraneous furniture. Choose a couch or collection of chairs that follow the same design lines as the coffee table. Add contrasting softness in the finishing touches, a bouquet of flowers, a garden painting. If you are trying to simplify your life and bring your home into current times, modern decor can quickly help you accomplish your goal.


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