Friday, December 2, 2011

Steps to Winterize your Pool

In many parts of the country winter has already delivered its first snow storm. But in warmer climates there are still some of us who are wrapping things up around the yard on the last warm days of an extended fall.  Winter pool maintenance is essential to keeping it in good condition and will make all the difference come spring time when you’re eager to get it back up and ready for a dip.

According to pool experts, here is a quick rundown of the steps necessary to winterize an in-ground pool. Pool supplies can be purchased locally or online often at discounted prices.
  1. Before the first freeze, make sure all the pipelines and pool filters are empty of water.
  2. Blow antifreeze through the pipes.  
  3.  Drain plugs should be removed.
  4.  Use a skimmer net to remove debris from the surface of the pool.
  5.  Twenty four hours before closing your pool for the season shock and treat pool, add algaecide and check pH balance.
  6. Cover the pool.

Above ground pool:
  1.  Drain the pool to jet level. 
  2. Add antifreeze and algaecide. 
  3. Cover

Pre-winter maintenance may take a little extra time, effort and money, but when the weather warms up and ready for your first swim of the summer, you will be glad you did.

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