Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Prep Your House for Exterior Painting

Whether you are going to paint your house yourself, or hire someone to do it, it’s important to know what goes into preparing a house for exterior painting. It will make all the difference in how the paint job holds up over time and will protect the subsurface (siding, wood, etc.) from the effects of weather. If water is allowed to seep beneath the painted surface you will end up with rotted wood that needs replacing and that adds up to more expense in the long run. Properly prepping a house for exterior paint is preventative maintenance that can save you money.

Remove the shutters, downspouts and screens from the house. Many professional painters will skip this step to save time and money. But it will not save you money. The only way to properly prepare and paint the siding and corner boards beneath the shutters and downspouts is to remove them.

Replace any damaged wood or siding. Do not paint over rotted wood. It will not save you money as the paint will peel and the problem will only be more costly to repair in the future.

Caulk any area where water could seep in and damage the wood. This means caulking between the siding and the corner boards on every corner; around window frames; in the joints of deck ceiling boards; gaps in the siding boards. If old caulk is loose, remove it with a 5 in 1 tool and apply fresh caulk. Allow caulk to dry over night before applying paint.

Scrape any loose paint from exterior siding and trim. Sand to smooth surface.

Apply Peel Stop primer to any area where there is extensive peeling or where bare wood is showing. Follow the drying instructions on the can before painting.

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