Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Deck Treatment & Pressure Washing

Once March Madness has vacated the Triangle and tax season wraps up, we all start thinking about what needs to be done outside. We cheerfully (or not so cheerfully) start to dig in our gardens, fertilize and mow our grass, wash our cars, and get out the lawn furniture. Spring is the absolute best time to take care of your house's exterior. The weather is not too hot yet, and the days are warm enough to be comfortable working.

Spring is the best time to think about pressure washing your house, decks, driveways and stoops. Hop on it before your shrubs and blooming plants are big enough to be susceptible to water and bleach AND big feet! Pressure washing and staining your deck is an easy and inexpensive way to bring new life to an area of your house that can be enjoyed so much this time of year. Pressure washing will remove unsightly mildew and bring the wood color back to a neglected deck. Treating it with a good quality stain such as a Cabot Stain product will help it hold it's looks through the heat of summer and protect it from the weather.

Unfortunately stain doesn't hold up well in the hot North Carolina summers and decks should be treated at least every other year. Cabot is one of the best stains on the market, unless you want to pay the price of Sicken which will make your deck look like a hard wood floor.

If you're not up for doing your deck yourself, or don't have the time and equipment, give Durham Painting Company a call. You'll be glad you did when you sit back with your glass of ice tea and enjoy your new deck.


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