Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Create an Outdoor Living Space with Contemporary Furniture

Summer is the time to get outside with friends and family and enjoy! Creating an outdoor living space is easy to do and an endeavor that is well worth the effort. Contemporary furniture companies are manufacturing outdoor furniture that looks and feel exactly like what you have in your living room but is constructed to hold up under outdoor weather conditions.

The clean lines of contemporary furniture lend themselves well to so many different settings. For a look of understated elegance you may enjoy Amalfi Garden Armchair that when grouped together with a couch and table creates an instant outdoor living room for your patio or deck. Or for an entirely different look you may enjoy a rattan chair and foot stool such as the one in the picture above. It's perfect for a quiet little corner for relaxing or reading. Add a few flowering plants and you've just created an inviting outdoor living space!

To create an outdoor living room take a look around your yard, deck or patio and select an area about the size of a small room. It should have easy access but not be directly in the middle of a heavily traveled area. Then go to town creating edges with plants, screens, fences and attractive structures, leaving sufficient room for the furniture. You may want to select your furniture first to make sure it will fit when you buy it. Shopping online for contemporary furniture will help get the ideas flowing!

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  1. I like contemporary furniture so thanks for sharing this post, it helps me to decide the best furniture id like to purchase pretty soon.



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