Monday, June 20, 2011

Alex's New Digs

Guest post by Alonso Kramer

When my son Alex told us he was buying a house, we were overjoyed. We thought it was a great sign that he was maturing and that his job was going well – not to mention the tax creditshe was going to be getting! When he showed us the actual house he was buying, we were…worried. It was a bit of a fixer upper and though it was huge, it was in a transitional area. The first thing we did was go to for a security system – I don’t want him being unsafe in his own home. Then I came down for a week and helped Alex get the thing in shape. We worked with a contractor who fixed all the obvious stuff and made it livable and now it’s nearly ready for decorating. I plan on coming back down to help with that aspect since Alex isn’t exactly known for his great taste, and once it’s all done it will truly be his dream house!

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