Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom Signs Improve Work-at-Home Life

More and more people are working at home. The growing trend began with influx of the personal computer into the home and continued with the rapid expansion of the internet. Email, Skype, cyber meeting places and all the other additions have made it so easy. I always wanted to work at home and now I am!

In order to make it comfortable experience it is necessary to implement some modifications to our home. One of the dangers of working at home is never being able to leave the office. Another is making space for visitors related to work by adding additional parking spaces and a comfortable sitting room. Visitors don't know the rules of your household and at times it may be easier to post a sign than to tell each person that stops by.

I teach classes at home in my workshop and while I have plenty of parking space for multiple cars, it has made my life much simpler by posting a sign in the spot where my wife likes to park her car. I've also put up a "no smoking" sign in my workshop. You can have a custom sign made to fit exactly what you need. A small sign tastefully placed can make working at home more comfortable for you and your family.

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  1. Indeed, labeling places to differentiate the areas meant for customers, or home-use, is a must for any home-based offices. Not only does these signs help guide people, but also helps us set borderlines within our home-office, to promote our privacy.



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