Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is in the Air - It's Time to Think about Painting

I don't know about you, but every spring I find renewed energy and interest in working outside. This gives me the opportunity to check on the condition of my siding and trim and if necessary think about painting. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, taking care of problem paint and siding areas as they occur can help you prolong the life of your paint job another.

If you are wondering if it's time to paint, you will find an overview of things to look in this article: How to Know When It's Time to Paint your House.  If you think you can put off painting another year, spruce up your house by pressure washing and touching up any trim paint that looks worn or dull. Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door, paint your wrought iron railings and pressure wash and treat your decks. If most of the paint is in good condition, you'll be amazed at what a little touch up here and there will do to freshen things up. You'll be enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the process!

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  1. We must take this good weather as an opportunity to check our house's exterior and see if the paints are still intact. Aside from the roofing's coatings, now's also the time to do some repainting on the walls and sidings that need it. But of course, we must carefully choose the paints we're gonna use. Painting is a small step but nevertheless helpful in weatherproofing.



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