Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Early Spring Lawn & Garden - Evaluating Irrigation Needs

Viette's - The Shady Woodland Garden

Spring is on its way and summer is not far behind. Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your summer watering needs. Perhaps it’s time to add or upgrade your lawn sprinklers. Take a few moments to dig them out and check their condition. Are they still functioning effectively? Planning ahead will save you time and you won’t have to fight the crowds at your local home and garden store if you need to purchase a replacement.

Or, you might want to look into a drip irrigation system and see if it’s a good option for your yard. A drip water system is one of the best ways to target water distribution to prevent overwatering causing weeds, mildew and diseases to flourish. The leaves of the plant stay dry and healthy while the roots receive the water they need.  There is a reason why professionals use drip irrigation and it’s the same reason their plants and grasses always look so healthy and vibrant.

I love getting started early, before the perennials begin to push through the earth. It’s the best time to revamp an existing garden or build a new one. The ground is soft and easy to dig and foliage is at a minimum. Placing sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are much easier to do before things begin to grow. 

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